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Born on 31 May 1972, in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Shivani Verma is a teacher in the Brahma kumaris spiritual movement of India & is now known as BK Shivani. She was married with Vishal Verma. She works with TV show 'Awakening with Brahmakumaris'. There are thousands of videos present there on social media in which she teaches how to meditate, how to find inner peace, happiness and many more.

Here are few extracts of teachings given by her-
[Following sources are picked up from her you tube sessions]
1. Guided meditation experience by BK Shivani-
In this session, she teaches about experiencing the soul within our body. To experience the soul within us, follow the steps by Sister Shivani-
(i) Close your eyes & focus the centre of your forehead.
(ii) You'll see a shine i.e. point of light. This is your soul.
(iii) Now, speak the positive words and sentences about you in your mind like the few given below and keep repeating-
  • This is the energy coming out of me & spreading in the surrounding.
  • The peace I was finding outside me is present within me itself.
  • Peace is my own nature & vibration of peace is coming out of me & spreading all around in the universe.
  • Keep saying these type of things to vibe your mind and soul in a positive way & keep meditating.
In this session, she repeatedly speaks of connecting our soul to lord Shiva as a friend or, as a parent or, as guide or, as a teacher and so on. As we know God is a pure soul and by connecting ourself to God, purity of God will also fill us with happiness and purity.
2. Listen to your intuition for all the answers-
"No matter what the negative situation is going on in your life, never share it with anyone", says BK Shivani. She said it because if you share your problems with others, they'll also share it somewhere by interpreting in their own way & that way may be more negative than the way you said. And so, by sharing your problems, you'll knowingly or unknowingly gather too much negative energy.
e.g.- Suppose if you're sick & someone asks you about it then, clearly say that, I'm fine and All is well. This is because if you say that I'm sick, I'm not well and things like this then, the next person will interpret it their own way and will say it to someone else & you'll get negative energy, negative vibes, and things like this. 
Even, don't complaint to yourself that today I suffered from this problem, I have this kind of disease, not even about a small problem like my leg is hurting, I am having headache, stomach ache and many more. In short, don't make any negative perception about yourself, if you'll do so, you'll really start facing that same kind of problem because your body responds as per your thinking. So, create a very fine and good perception of your body in your mind. Always say to yourself that I'm fine, I'm well and only positive things then, you'll start feeling, even if you are not fine that you're getting well than before. So, just after waking up and just before going to sleep i.e. before starting and ending your day repeat the following words every day that,' I'm fine, I'm well & all the things going on in my life is well.' In this way, you'll create positive energy inside yourself and your surrounding & things will change to good, better and best. 
3. Way to finish overthinking-
(i) Select only one reason that what problem is pushing me to overthink and start ignoring that problem.
e.g.- If you have problem that what other is saying about me, what are they thinking and why, then start seeing only the positive things in others and then you'll yourself feel that there is only positive things in that person because all the positive points are interlinked. Then, you'll not have tension of what others are saying wrong about me, you'll only see positivity in everyone and by time it will be included in your nature. 
(ii) Forgive and forget:- If you get hurt by someone then don't take it to your heart just forgive them and forget that something like this happened to you.
(iii) Overthinking is directly proportional to negative thoughts. Positive thoughts can never create overthinking. Notice that if you talk of positive parts of someone after a certain time you'll end up with nothing else but if you talk of negative side you'll keep on counting, it'll never end. So, to avoid overthinking stop talking negative about someone. 
(iv) One people one quality:- Just think of only one quality in every person. Never see the bad part about anyone. This way is really very effective and helpful in overcoming overthinking.
Here are few books written by Sister Shivani- The books written by her helps us increase our spiritual power & strength of our soul.
1. Being love-
The book was written by BK Shivani and Suresh Oberoi, published in 2019. The book teaches us to think right, create self love and spread to the other people around us. The central message given in this book is that, the love for which you're hunting outside is actually not present there instead it is present within you itself. The authors summaries it to being love not begging for love. 
2. Happiness unlimited-
Written by BK Shivani, this book was originally published in the year 2019. This book provokes to look inside, rather than looking outside for the answers of our question. Author says that, "Happiness is only possible when we accept everyone as they are at their high and low." This book also awakens for self responsibility. Happiness or, sadness is our choice i.e. we are creator of our happiness and sadness, no one else is responsible for making us happy or, sad. So, this book helps us choose our thoughts & feelings aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love. 
3. Stop reacting to scenes of life-
This was published on 20 June 2019. This book helps us think clearly, decide wisely, avoid reacting impulsively & re-enter the scene more stronger than before. 


1. Who actually is BK Shivani?
Ans. BK Shivani is a teacher in the Brahmakumaris spiritual organisation in India.
2. Is BK Shivani still married?
Ans. Yes, she is still in her married life because this is what she actually teaches in her awakening session.
3. What is the main motive of life according to BK Shivani?
Ans. According to Sister Shivani, the main motive of life is to know 'who am I' and use it in each and every scene of life. She says that tough times come in our life to add on more value to our life by clearing our path, to make us more aware about ourselves that who we are & why this is actually happening to us.
4. How to contact Sister Shivani?
Ans. Three main ways to contact BK Shivani (also other Bks)-
(i) Through a BK centre
(ii) Meet during a seminar
(iii) Through email
5. Who is Brahmakumaris?
Ans. Brahmakumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation & world renewal. It was founded in 1937 & has now spread to over 110 countries on all continents.
6. What is the aim of Brahmakumaris?
Ans. (i) To reaffirm the spiritual identity
         (ii) Inherent goodness, worth and dignity 
7. What are the seven properties of soul according to Brahmakumaris?
Ans.  (i) Purity 
          (ii) Peace 
          (iii) Love
          (iv) Joy
          (v) Bliss
          (vi) Power
          (vii) Knowledge 
8. How to ask questions to Brahmakumaris?
Ans. You can email them directly (via Ask a question) service & get response within 14 days.
9. Do Brahmakumaris believe in lord Shiva?
Ans. Shiva is considered as a spiritual guide of Brahmakumaris, whose objective is to awaken the humanity & remove evils.
10. What are BK's rituals after death?
Ans. They favour cremation over burial.

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